Apple Watch Saves A Life Of A Man By Noticing A Low Heart Rate

Apple Watch Series 4 is a one big invention of Apple Company. The device is designed to facilitate the users with some of its exceptional features. ECG on the wrist, the electric heart sensor notifies you every time with the heart rate either it’s high or low. Apple Watch Series 4 is designed to make your lifestyle more active, healthy and connected.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is much more than watch as it’s is redesigned and malformed with the biggest display. Facilitates the users with the proactive health monitor, detects the flow of the heart beat rate (higher or lower), breathe watch faces, feature of emergency SOS helps in improving and protecting the health. The watch is all in new design and is much more than a simple watch, it is powerful enough to ensure the health improvement day by day with its unique features.

Apple products are always a highlight in news. The Apple watch is popular in the news for all the right details as the device helps in saving the lives of unlimited people. Apple Watch Series 4 never fails to impress its customers, recently we heard a news about one of the unique product of Apple that, Apple Watch Series 4 saves life of a British man.

Reportedly, the British man Paul Hutton, aged approximately 48 years received a notification from his smart watch that his heart beat rate is continuously dropping. The heart rate was dropped almost below 40bpm, which is a quite alarming situation because the normal resting heart rate is between 60bpm to 100bpm.

The man visited the ER where he came to know about his low heart rate condition. Hutton was a father and has 3 kids, he already gave up on caffeine, the issue of his heart rate was not resolved yet and the Apple watch keeps on warning and buzzing with notification about his low heart rate. Furthermore, the man consulted a specialist and was diagnosed with Ventricular Bigeminy.

This is a medical terminology, when the heart beats does not function properly and is unable to pump blood effectively. 48 years old was recommended with a 3 hours surgery. In this procedure, the blockage is cleared with the help of inserting a catheter, the catheter delivers high electric signals to the heart so the heart is able to work properly and to pump again with frequent time intervals.

Mr. Paul Hutton surgery was completed successfully and he was discharged the next day. Hutton said that after his surgery he used to check his heart rate from his Apple Watch and it was all good.

From a trendy look to a stylish lifestyle and connectivity, Apple watches has some many features that benefits the users in various ways. And is capable of delivering you a healthy lifestyle. As discussed above the apple watch helps in saving the lives of the individuals in every possible ways. Apple watches are for everyone.

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