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When it comes to security, Android phones are the most secure. Or, at least they can be protected by applying some simple safety tips. Youcan safeguard your Android phone through some security settings and hacks which are discussed below:


The native security system in the Android phones is the Google Play Protect. Which is already installed in the smartphone, but it is never wrong to check again. The malware scanner created by Google is the basic step to protecting your Android Phone. The software checks the apps for any kind of viruses before downloading them to your phone. It also scans the apps that are already installed on your smartphone if they have gone awry or developed any kind of virus since the download. The Updates Tab in the, My Apps and Games section of the Play Store shows which of the apps have been scanned by Play Protect.


Another safety protection tool built by Google is the Find My Device software. The software allows you to track you smartphone in case of missing it. You can track the phone, ring it, lock it and even erase the device from far away. After installing the Find My Device app on your Android smartphone from Play Store, log into your Google Account and enable location so that the app can access it.  Once you have installed the app, you can always log onto the site of Find My Device and look for your phone and lock it whenever the device goes missing or lost to stealing.


If you are an Android user who connects their device to public Wi-Fi a lot, then this hack is for you. Because, you might know but it is so easy to steal your data when the device is connected to public Wi-Fi hotspot. The hack is to use a VPN service, which would keep your data secure. And when someone attempts to steal your data, it is protected through the VPN. The Google Play Store has a number of VPN providers. The installation is simple, you can always check user reviews and ranking before downloading. Moreover, NordVPN offers 7 day free trial to Android smartphone users.


The lockdown mode is the high protection Android phone security hack. When the lockdown mode is enabled, all the smart lock features like face and fingerprint recognition are blocked. This way, no one can force you to unlock the device using these features. Activate the lockdown mode, and not a single file of data from your smartphone can be accessed without your consent. The trick here is to enable the mode in time for it to work.


Some other tips and hacks to protect your Android Smartphone is to turn of the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your phone when you are not using them. Doing this would not only save the battery life, but also keep your phone secure. I would like to thank Security Cameras Orlando FL for this awesome article.

Crestron Zoom Room Kits


There are a lot of things that you need to take care of to make sure that the office meetings are flawless. From preparing for the meetings to checking the system and making sure that everything is communicated clearly. With the help of Crestron Zoom Room kits, you do not have to worry about the last-minute meeting because everything is taken care of with a single touch. With outstanding audio and video quality, there is no disturbance, and you get to experience a flawless meeting or conference.

Security Camera Installation Los Angeles has been offering the best sales, service, and installation of these kits.

Things included in the box:

  • Wireless touchpad with a keyboard.
  • Crestron Mercury Tabletop Conference System
  • Intel NUC kit with Zoom Room Software
  • USB Flash Drive
  • USB Extension Cable
  • Huddly IQ Camera
  • Universal power pack
  • Digital Media Ultra Patch Cable

Key features and benefits:

This all-in-one kit is easy to install and use, and is the best solution to make your video conference perfect. All you need is a display, and you can use this system straight out of the box. The Crestron Zoom Room kit that comes with a Huddly IQ camera uses the Mercury Tabletop Conference System, which has Zoom room software installed in it. This way you get the whole video conferencing experience using the Zoom system.

There is no compromise on the video and audio quality. The camera helps you to zoom and focus on every participant, and the wide horizontal view helps to cover the whole conference room.

The Intel NUC mini PC, included in the package, comes with a pre-installed Zoom room software, which you can fit behind the display. You can also find installation cables, which makes it easier to set it up in a small conference room. There is no need for drilling or facing trouble while installing the device because of the wireless keyboard and USB flash drive.

Whether you have a last-minute meeting or need to start a presentation, everything is made easy with the Crestron Zoom Room kit.



Why use Crestron Touch Screen Tablets?

The Crestron Mercury has a microphone and a speaker in it. It also works as a tablet, and you can easily access it without losing it. There is no need to connect the device with Wi-Fi. Simply connect it with an Ethernet or USB, and you will always have a safe and good internet connection.

The Crestron tablets use PoE, so you never have to worry about charging it. You can easily manage the tablets with a single web-browser. No more spending time updating the Crestron tablets one-by-one.

The thing about tablets is that anyone can easily walk away with them. But with Crestron touch screen tablets, you do not have to worry about them disappearing. They are mounted to a wall and are designed for room management and control.

With the Crestron Zoom Room kit, there is no need for a separate microphone, speaker, tablet, or keyboard because everything you need to make a meeting flawless is already included in the package. This is a must-have video conferencing kit in your office.